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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Thursday December 4, 2003. Most organic food isn't healthy for me. I'm supposed to avoid salt; and there isn't much unsalted organic food. I'm supposed to avoid sugar; and organic foods mostly have as much sugar as conventional foods. Main differences: The salt may be sea salt, and the sugar may be listed as "dessicated cane juice".

The Wedge (my organically correct co-op grocery) does have some things I knew were safe -- mostly dried fruit. And I bought some other things which I thought might be worth eating.

Garden of Eatin' unsalted tortilla chips taste good. Too bad they don't have an unsalted version of the sesame-flavored ones. Unsalted water-packed tuna tastes okay with a bit of lime juice.

Writing: Something I'd put into the skeleton for "Some Their Gold and Some Their Gear" is actually another story. I separated it out, put it in its own file. And realized that instead of a scene well into a story, it could be an opening.

From Google News

AOL Hawks Cheap PC to Lure Subscribers
Reuters - 5 minutes ago
NEW YORK (Reuters) - America Online, the online unit of Time Warner Inc. TWX.N, began selling a $299 home computer system on Thursday in another attempt to stem subscriber defections.
Internet Daily CBS MarketWatch
A dual digital life CNET News.com
Detroit News - Fortune (subscription) - Providence Journal Bulletin (subscription) - Boston.com

Rush Limbaugh's medical records seized
CNN - 5 hours ago
(CNN) -- An attorney for Rush Limbaugh said Thursday the conservative radio host's medical records have been seized by Florida prosecutors.
Investigators say Limbaugh engaged in 'doctor shopping' for pills Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription)
Rush Records Seized E! Online
Atlanta Journal Constitution - WJXX - ABC News - WSBtv.com - and 262 related

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