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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Wednesday December 3, 2003.

From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 3-Dec-2003
American Psychologist
Timing of IQ test can be a life or death matter
Which year a person's IQ is tested can make the difference between life and death for prisoners and a lifetime of stigma or special services for children. A new study by Cornell University's and colleagues in American Psychologist (Vol. 58, No. 10, pp. 778-790) finds that when IQ tests are reset to account for rising scores over time, misdiagnoses of mental retardation could have dire consequences.
Smith Richardson Foundation

Public Release: 3-Dec-2003
UCLA study sheds new light on island evolution
Evolution of genetically distinct species that live exclusively on land can be slowed by over-water dispersal following tropical storms, according to a UCLA study. Lizards long thought to be evolving independently on Caribbean Islands in fact exchange genetic material, suggesting classic theories of island evolution need an overhaul.

Public Release: 3-Dec-2003
Annals of Internal Medicine
Whites, African-Americans better rate medical care experiences when seeing same-race physicians
White and African-American patients who see physicians of the same race rate their medical visits as more satisfying and participatory than do those who see physicians of other races, even when the nature of the conversation in both types of visits is similar, a Johns Hopkins study finds.
Commonwealth Fund, Bayer Institute for Health Care Communication, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Public Release: 3-Dec-2003
Collective economy: A means for reducing inequality
An IRD economist has looked into the forms of development and the important issues emerging around the collective, mutual support based, economy. She investigated the degree to which this approach could be a solution for combating inequalities between the sexes. Using field surveys conducted in France and in Senegal, she assessed the vast potential offered by the setting-up of collective enterprises, as an illustration of this collective economy which advocates the re-incorporation of the economy into the social and political spheres.

Contact: Bénédicte Robert
Institut de Recherche Pour le Développement
From the UK edition of Google News:
Scottish Courage is failing
Telegraph.co.uk - 2 hours ago
Scottish & Newcastle, which brews Foster's lager and Newcastle Brown Ale, said yesterday the performance of its UK beer division was "certainly not good enough" after overall volume fell 1pc ...
Brewing up healthy profits The Scotsman
S&N in line but confidence remains fragile Financial Times
Reuters - The Publican - icWales - The Herald - and 17 related

Art's glass toilet tests courage
BBC News - 14 hours ago
An artist has created a usable public toilet in a glass cube to challenge the curiosity - and bravery - of people passing London's Tate Britain gallery.
The private loo as public art Washington Times
Who will use a see-through loo? CBBC
Ananova - This is London - The Sun - and 8 related

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