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Friday, January 23, 2004

Internet Review of Science Fiction's http://www.irosf.com first monthly issue is out. If you're interested in intellectual discussion of sf, take a look at it. Subscriptions free through June 2004, $12/year after that.

I found the articles interesting, including one on a topic which doesn't usually interest me. This issue is thin, but future ones may be thicker.

The New York Review of Science Fiction costs $36 and up for a one-year subscription.

Payment: IROSF IROSF pays at minimum $70 per work. Once we start charging for subscriptions, there will also be a profit sharing. IROSF pays on acceptance

NYRSF: We pay $10.00 for reviews, $25.00 for features, and $5 for short ("boxed" or sidebar) features. We can also pay in subscription credit. We pay upon publication or later.

My guess at reasons for the discrepancies: the people running IROSF expect web publishing to be cheaper than print publishing. Enough cheaper that they can afford to charge a third as much for subscriptions, and pay writers a minimum which is almost times NYRSF's maximum.

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