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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Saturday January 31, 2004. Much warmer today, and I went outside briefly.

Writing: Got a bit farther on "Home is Where I live". Did a writing exercise, critiqued a couple of other people's writing exercises.

....At the heart of the program is a "clustering" algorithm that locates acoustic similarities between songs, like common bits of rhythm, harmonies or keys. The software takes a new tune and compares it with the mathematical signatures of the last 30 years of Top 40 hits. The closer the song is to "a hit cluster," the more likely -- in theory -- that the kids won't be able to resist it. Yet the weird thing is, songs that are mathematically similar don't necessarily sound the same. The scientists found that U2 is similar to Beethoven, and that Van Halen shares qualities with the piano rock of Vanessa Carlton. Even more bizarrely, 50 Cent's throbbing rap tune "If I Can't" correlates with "(There's) No Gettin' Over Me," a twangy country ditty by Ronnie Milsap.
From alt.comp.freeware, an ambitious and interesting project:
From the History News Network http://www.hnn.us/
Explicit pornographic films from the silent era are to be screened in British cinemas after the chance discovery of 300 reels in the attic of a "very respectable family" in France.

Historian hopes to get support for local Sons of Union Veterans chapter
John Andrew Prime / Louisiana Gannett News
Posted on January 26, 2004

Cross-membership in the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, a group chartered by Congress, and the larger Sons of Confederate Veterans, is not unusual. Several years ago, past SUVCW commander Keith Harrison of Michigan helped descendants of Confederate veterans in that state form an SCV chapter, and the national head of the SUVCW was a guest of honor when the Sons of Confederate Veterans held a major convention in Lafayette.

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