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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Thursday January 29, 2004. From the Weather Underground http://www.wunderground.com :
Updated: 11:53 AM CST on January 29, 2004
Observed at Minneapolis, Minnesota
Temperature -11 °F / -24 °C
Windchill -31 °F / -35 °C

However, it's supposed to get up to a toasty -5F in Hennepin County -- and in my area code, to -4F.

Later: It was -8F when I left home. First to HealthPartners Uptown Clinic in Calhoun Square, to pick up ointment. Then to Steeple People thrift store.

Back home, I critiqued a story on the Roving Crits board at Forward Motion (http://fmwriters.com).
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 29-Jan-2004
Integrated animal model answers questions about environment
UW-Madison is working to develop a computer model that could predict how animals, living on a real landscape anywhere on Earth, would respond to specific changes in the environment.

Charlie Stross wrote this for the forthcoming Spring 2003 issue of Whole Earth Magazine, which didn't come forth:

The 18th century utopian philosopher Jeremy Bentham's panopticon was a prison; a circle of cells with windows facing inwards, towards a tower, wherein jailers could look out and inspect the prisoners at any time, unseen by their subjects.

Though originally proposed as a humane experiment in penal reform in 1785, Bentham's idea has eerie resonances today. One of the risks of the technologies that may give rise to a singularity is that they may also permit the construction of a Panopticon society -- a police state characterised by omniscient surveillance and mechanical law enforcement.


And see this -- thanks to matriquola on LiveJournal:

Warspying San Francisco
By Kevin Poulsen, SecurityFocus
Posted: 29/01/2004 at 10:39 GMT

Striding through San Francisco's busy financial district after dusk, 20-year-old Jake Appelbaum is an odd sight. His left hand is clutching the handle of a two-foot-long fiberglass pole wrapped in a metal spiral, which he holds high like a lance. The device is a directional antenna: a thin cable hangs between it and what looks like a handheld TV in Appelbaum's other hand.

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