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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Tuesday January 20, 2004. Calendar Magic is a very good calendar program; but it only works up through 9999 AD. The Information Please Almanac on the web has a perpetual calendar which goes through 99999999 AD: http://www.infoplease.com/calendar.php

Of course, the Gregorian Calendar is unlikely to last for ninety-nine million, nine hundred ninety-seven, nine hundred ninety-five more years. And it will probably be revised long before then: "It has been suggested (by the astronomer John Herschel (1792-1871)
among others) that a better approximation to the length of the tropical year would be 365 969/4000 days = 365.24225 days. This would dictate 969 leap years every 4000 years, rather than the 970 leap years mandated by the Gregorian calendar. This could be achieved by dropping one leap year from the Gregorian calendar every 4000 years, which would make years divisible by 4000 non-leap years.

"This rule has, however, not been officially adopted."

Calendar Magic does some nifty things for which it's worth keeping: 'Full year Gregorian, Afghan, Armenian, Baha'i, Chinese, Coptic, Egyptian, Ethiopic, Fasli, French Revolutionary, Hebrew, Hindu lunisolar, Hindu Solar, Indian National, Islamic civil, Julian, Parsi Shenshai, Persian, Persian Qadimi, Sikh Nanakshahi and Vietnamese calendars. Alternative Gregorian "planning calendars". A month-by-month, side-by-side comparison of calendar systems. Date conversions. Lists of Western Christian festivals, Eastern Orthodox festivals and Hebrew holy days for any (Gregorian) year. "Observed Days" for any year from 1990 for nearly 200 countries worldwide. Button to tabulate the weekday on which a specified Gregorian date d/m occurs....'

***I wrote the last scene (which takes place on December 24, 2240) of "The Caterpillar on the Leaf" -- which is quite different from how I originally thought the story would end.

***Bought fresh tortillas at Mercado Central. Noticed a Salvadorean eatery; menu only in Spanish.

***From the St. Paul Pioneer Press tv listings: "Crossing Over With John Edward A woman hangs her grandparents' dentures on the family Christmas tree every year...."

From USA Today: Todd Santos, the Todd in the title, will not be sequestered in a mansion with bachelorettes. He will not be sent to an exotic island to survive. Instead, starting Wednesday on FX (10 p.m. ET/PT), viewers will control the life of Todd Santos, in his own home.


At the end of each show, two scenarios will be presented on the screen. For example: Should Todd quit his job? Should Todd find a new roommate? Viewers will vote via phone and the Web site, and Todd will comply.


Because FX has a deal with T-Mobile, wireless subscribers will be offered special information about Todd, including Todd's picture mail diary, daily alerts about what's happening to Todd and instant polls that give T-Mobile subscribers the ability to vote on Todd's actions in real time, including what he might eat for lunch or what movie he sees on any given day.

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