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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Friday February 13, 2004 The day started well. Before my first cup of tea, I got 200 words ahead on the "Elfland Letter" story. (And one character seems to be coming alive.)
Later, I got a bit farther ahead on the "sleeping heroes" story.

And then something went wrong. Not terminally; I'd intended to get laundry done in the morning, and I did get it started a bit after 7 PM.

One of the two books I'd brought to read was Jacques Barzun's _Simple and Direct_. I found myself disliking it. Barzun has useful things to say about writing clearly in English, yes. But he's too prescriptive for my taste.

Yes, "man" means "human" rather than "male human" (sort of). But the meaning has slid too far in that direction to be corrected. Restoring that meaning is about as practical as replacing "Mrs." and "Miss" with "Mistress" -- of which they could be considered corruptions.

And why is singular "they" less acceptable than singular "you"?

I left that book behind.
Experts: Dogs Likely Originated in Asia
AP Science Writer

February 13, 2004, 7:40 PM EST

SEATTLE "We think there was a series of domestication events in East Asia," said Norine E. Noonan, a dog researcher at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. "It happened a lot longer ago than anybody once thought -- at least 100,000 years ago."
Pretentious? Moi? department:
Here is a note from Bernardo Bertolucci :

The Dreamers has provided me with the opportunity to
celebrate and pay homage not only to the spirit of youth
of the student revolution of May 1968, but also the golden
era of Hollywood and the French directors of the nouvelle vague.

Many of my films have been described as "epics" - The Dreamers however I see as being far more of a chamber piece. Everything starts on one particular day in Paris, and that's when our "heroes" meet. Isabelle and Theo's parents have gone on holiday for a month so they lock themselves in their apartment with Matthew, their new American friend. And they have this very intense relationship, a real initiation in those few days. They stay locked in the house, and when they leave they are grown-ups, they've become adults.

Read the rest of Mr. Bertolucci's note by clicking:

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