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Friday, February 20, 2004

Friday February 20, 2004. Last night, the power went off for a bit over an hour. I've gotten used to losing electricity every now and then, though it happens more often in summer.

But I'm starting to think electric service would be greatly improved if a government took it over. And I don't consider government as efficient as, say, the average member of the Libertarian Party does.

My sixty-first birthday.

I went with Pat Craft to the Sparks Festival of electronic music and art, at the University of Minnesota's new art center. It's Thursday through Sunday; we just went to the Friday evening portion.

First, the gallery opening; interactive music and other sounds, and a drawing machine.

Then, performances which combined electronic music and art with (among other elements) dancers, molten steel, Minneapolis traffic, bagpipes, and poetry.

It was interesting and involving. It's not something I would want as a steady diet.
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