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Monday, February 02, 2004

From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 2-Feb-2004
Social Science Research
Cohabiting couples not likely to marry, study finds
A new study suggests that couples who live together before marriage may be less likely to eventually marry than previously believed. Only about 40 percent of cohabiting couples studied ended up marrying within four to seven years. And 42 percent of cohabiting couples disagreed about the future of their relationship, the study found.
National Institutes of Health

Public Release: 2-Feb-2004
Biology of Reproduction
Primate testes grafted into mice rapidly produce fertile sperm
Researchers report that sperm production is greatly accelerated when testicular tissue from young rhesus monkeys is grafted into mice. The discovery could have implications for breeding of endangered primates and could lead to reproductive options for men who become infertile before puberty due to cancer treatment.

Public Release: 2-Feb-2004
Journal of Neural Engineering
Physicists use fractals to help Parkinson's sufferers
A new portable system for analyzing the walking patterns of people with Parkinson's disease has been developed by researchers in the US and Japan. The system, described in the Institute of Physics publication Journal of Neural Engineering, will help doctors monitor the progress of the disease in patients and so tailor their therapy and drug regime more accurately than previously possible.
From the New Zealand edition of Google News:
Pitcairn Islanders challenge legitimacy of British rule
International Herald Tribune - 1 hour ago
WELLINGTON Pitcairn Island's Supreme Court said Monday that it would decide in April whether local men facing sexual assault charges would be tried under British law.
Fresh challenge over Pitcairn sovereignty New Zealand Herald
'Immensely significant' new evidence in Pitcairn Island sex case Stuff.co.nz
Channel News Asia - The Australian - News24 (subscription)

Police cover-up allegations: Rape claim no bar to top posts
New Zealand Herald - 25 minutes ago
Clint Rickards, the senior police officer facing pack-rape allegations, was promoted four times after the Police Commissioner learned of the accusations.
PM turned down Rickards for No 2 Stuff.co.nz
Policeman denies rape case cover-up Auckland commander accused Otago Daily Times
NZ City - Nzoom.com - New Zealand Police - Xtra News - and 47 related

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