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Monday, February 16, 2004

Monday February 16, 2004 Before I went to sleep last night, I unexpectedly got farther ahead on the Excessory story.

A few days ago, I set up a file for thinking "out loud" about various writing projects. Before, I'd tried this for individual projects; for whatever reason, one file for all of them is turning out to be more useful.

***Lunds had turkey liver. It's something I like, but usually can't find. I fried it, added a squirt of lime juice, and ate well.

***List-owner headache: Someone tried to sign the Decluttr list up as a member of a list for gay parents. Some list members have gotten upset about this.

***Revised an article on synesthesia, directed at sf writers. It needs another draft.

The subject is something sf writers tend to get wrong. Not as wrong as the once-common mistake of confusing schizophrenia with multiple personality, but wrong enough to be irritating.

Got a bit down on what I intend to be a nice, simple story. I tend to put too many ideas into fiction; I want to learn how to focus on one big idea per story.
In San Francisco, an influx of women in top posts
The city may become a proving ground for how male-dominated institutions adapt.
By Mark Sappenfield

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