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Monday, February 09, 2004

Monday February 9, 2004 Once there was a freeware browser named Phoenix. The owners of another software program called Phoenix were unhappy and had the law on their side. As an interim measure, the developers said its name was Mozilla Phoenix. They changed names, to Firebird. "Firebird" also turned out to be already taken. As an interim measure, the developers said its name was Mozilla Firebird.

The newest version was due out today. I went to download it, and discovered it is now called Firefox. Or Mozilla Firefox, according to personal preference. This time, the Mozilla folks are sure they're free to use the new name.

***Writing: Juliet shoots Romeo. Starting from farther back -- a story came to life when my backbrain came up with an economic detail from medieval history. Somewhat later, I know the beginning and the end and I know who the major characters are. I now need to find out what comes between beginning and end, and know more about two of the three major characters.

***Food: I've heard and read people saying "It's a very complicated recipe -- you have to cook it a long time" and "It's a very easy recipe -- it only takes a few minutes to cook."
Neither of those makes sense to me.

Today I made something I consider simple: soup with turkey parts, cabbage, carrot, and onion. Simmered it for about an hour, and it came out fine.

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