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Friday, February 20, 2004

One Republican official favors gay marriage. So does the mayor of Salt Lake City, not usually considered a bastion of leading-edge liberalism:

Mayors in Salt Lake City and Plattsburgh, N.Y., also have expressed support for same-sex marriage....In Salt Lake City, Mayor Ross C. "Rocky" Anderson (D), who is an honorary board member of the pro-gay-marriage group Freedom to Marry, said San Francisco's efforts would allow more people to see the benefits of allowing gays to marry.

Plattsburgh Mayor Daniel Stewart, who is gay, said he recognizes that his support for same-sex marriage puts him at odds with many of his fellow Republicans. "But, as a gay man, I have to fight for equality," he told the Press-Republican of Plattsburgh.

Via Google News from the Washington Post -- which waives registration if you go in from Google News, but requires it if you go there directly.
It now requires a bit of digging to find it on Google News; but papers in Salt Lake City and Plattsburgh have fuller local stories, and don't require registration.
For the Salt Lake City story without registration, see
For the Plattsburgh NY story without registration, see

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