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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Saturday 21 February, 2004. Last night, electricity went out again for a while. I'm not sure whether it was the power lines, or someone plugging in a device which overloaded the circuit my living space is on.

To the Time Dollar Store at Pillsbury House, to buy things I needed.

The Time Dollar Store is part of the Community Barter Network. Doing an hour's work for another CBN member or for Pillsbury House and a couple of other nonprofits earns one time dollar. This can then be spent on services from another CBN member, or at the Time Dollar Store.

I'm not sure whether there's any relationship to Josiah Warren's Time Dollars and Time Dollar Store (Josiah Warren, _Equitable Commerce_). Warren was 19th-century American individualist anarchist; I find him and his works much more interesting than Ayn Rand and her works.
Mail: Fred Lerner, Lofgeornost #74; FAPAzine/personalzine. One section inspired me to an immediate letter of comment:

On Robert Blake's _Disraeli_: I decided to see whether "Montem" (which puzzled me as much as it did you) was findable on the web. And indeed, http://www.onelook.com easily came up with the answer:

Quick definitions (Montem)

# (n.) A custom, formerly practiced by the scholars at Eton school, England, of going every third year, on Whittuesday, to a hillock near the Bath road, and exacting money from all passers-by, to support at the university the senior scholar of the school.

(This definition is from the 1913 Webster's Dictionary and may be outdated.)

I suspect that many Brits are as unfamiliar with the term as we were.

Reading the Times of India on the Web, I've had similar problems. A jawan is a soldier; I now have that straight. I've come to understand "saffronization". But I still have to look up "crore" -- I remember it's a large number, but not just how large.
Mail: Uncle Hugo's sf bookstore/Uncle Edgar's Mystery Bookstore newsletter. Includes the story of the burglar caught in the chimney, and some unkind comments about the news media's comprehension of it.

(To be continued -- Mnstf meeting report)

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