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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Saturday February 14, 2004. Why did ads for lawyers in Santa Barbara and San Diego show up online alongside a news story on Minnesota drunk-driving legislation?

***Clutterers Anonymous meeting. The format has been changed since the last time I ran a CLA meeting. ["CA" was already taken, by Cocaine Anonymous.] The South Minneapolis group will probably end up with a meeting format which includes some of the older elements.

And will definitely be moving, probably in April.

***To Steeple People Thrift Store -- where I acquired only a few more things.

The American Dialect Society has been discussing terms for those things you fry in, and whether some people use different words for the electric ones. I decided to see what Steeple People's volunteers had put on the labels.

Fry pan: 1. Skillet: 3, in two different handwritings. Blank: 1.

**Writing: "Elfland Letter" story -- eliminated one character, combining her role with another. Added one character. Decided what the viewpoint character is getting out of nabbing larcenous elves.

Asked on rec.arts.sf.composition for suggested names for an Elfland college sorority.

"Sleeping heroes" story -- I got a bit farther ahead, added a clue that something is at least slightly unusual.

I'm using different methods to write these stories. I suspect I'll end up managing to combine those two methods, and perhaps a few others.
From History News Network http://www.hnn.us/
German publisher decides not to issue a highly anticipated novel by Thor Kunkel based on original research into one of the Third Reich's best-kept secrets - a series of pornographic films shot by the Nazis in the woods around Hamburg; publisher says he canceled the book at the last minute over esthetic differences with the author.
[I love the last sentence below.]
Treason : Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism
Ann Coulter has written yet another well-researched, accurate, and unrefutable account of today's and the past's liberals. Ann Coulter is very willing to engange[sic] the reader in an accurate debate regarding how liberals have acted in past administrations, from FDR to the Bush administration's war against terror. What is quite surprising is that this book is considered controversial....
HPOL is a searchable multimedia database documenting and delivering authoritative audio relevant to American history and politics....

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