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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Saturday February 7, 2004 On Lawrence Watt-Evans's sff.net newsgroup, he's been talking about a recent trip to Europe:

"'It's a little-known fact that in Barcelona they're building a Giant Space Ark to carry a chosen few to safety on the New Earth.'

"And this Alien Spaceship landed in Barcelona in 1991, but shh! Don't tell anyone. It's a secret."
I went to the Mnstf meeting at Scott and Irene Raun's.

It was the first of two meetings for nominations to the board of directors. (Other club officials are appointed by the board.) The current board members were nominated, and about the same number of people not currently on the board.

Discussions included: Crossover fan fiction, sparked by a piece of Addams Family/Harry Potter fanfic. This drifted to crossover tv shows.

Criminals with extra fingers (including one who left a glove at the scene of the crime).

A discussion of the Austin Lounge Lizards led to their song "Rasputin's HMO" being played.
It's to the tune of "The Arkansaw Traveler," and it's a bit stranger than the title would suggest.

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