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Monday, February 23, 2004

Subject: Story opening
From: "Leslie Harder"
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 09:07:43 -0500

"I've just realized that I now see sounds as three-dimensional shapes. I
don't know when this started"

Edited to "I now see sounds as three-dimensional shapes. I don't know when
this started," you now have a DYNAMITE opening for a story.

[I hadn't realized this. And now I'll have to think about that. Thanks!]

Thanks for your blog. I read it all the time.

[And thank you!]


2004-02-23 06:54
"The list of nominees ended up being almost half as long as the list of eligible voters."

Not particularly surprising. There's always, in my memory, been a lot of nominees, and the number of people who are eligible to vote in MnStf Board elections keeps dropping, as time goes by. I'm among the people both nominated for the Board, and ineligible to vote.

But, by and large, turnover on the Board is very low, and seems primarily driven by Board members not wanting to stay on, rather than dissatisfaction among the (few) voters. My guess is that this year will be no different than most in that.

2004-02-23 16:39
On eligibility to vote dropping: I wonder what the statistics would show. And how well this would match attendance at clubs elsewhere. (I'm told that LASFS attendance is about half of what it was at its peak.)

And I wonder how other groups in Twin Cities fandom(s) are doing.

2004-02-18 07:14
'Ten years from now, Britney Spears will be in the "I didn't know she was still in show business" category.'

I thought she was there now. Especially when I read yesterday that she wants to be the next Bond girl and they're trying to find an actor who can convincingly play Bond but won't look old enough to be her grandfather.

If she's being considered for that role, and she's in the papers, she isn't there yet.

2004-02-18 08:30
I have to admit that I have a disturbing fascination for the WB series The Surreal Life, and I fervently await the day that Britney is hurting so badly for television cameras in her life that she spends a week in that house. With luck, her housemates will be Robert Tilton, Jonathan Frakes, and Bruce Sterling.

I don't have tv, and I haven't been lucky enough to see that show. When I read about such tv shows, I keep thinking "Come on -- this is too dumb even for television!"

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