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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Sunday February 1, 2004. Writing: Two short stories, two methods. One, now first drafted, took longer than I like to think about to reach that stage. I've had to take out a lot of background and plot stuff, and the ending is nothing like what I originally had in mind. I suspect there's still too much.

On the newer one, I'm writing fewer words per writing session. But I think it won't need nearly as many changes. I'm not setting anything down unless I'm reasonably sure it's the right thing to come next.

Via Evawhitley on LiveJournal, who got it from Elayne Riggs's LiveJournal:
The times and customs are changing! You might keep diamonds made from his ashes. You could keep an urn of ashes or ashes blended in with glass. Or, you can keep an Intimate Memento – You can now have the most private, intimate parts of him that he shared with you - preserved to last forever.
From the American Dialect Society list:
Phaedrus "Finder of Lost Recipes"

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