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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Thursday February 5, 2004. My first Presidential election was in 1964. I had reservations about Lyndon Johnson; but I knew that, unlike Barry Goldwater, he wouldn't widen the war in Vietnam. So I voted for him. And he expanded the war in Vietnam.

In 2000, I almost voted for Al Gore. But then came the people preaching that, unlike George W. Bush, Gore wouldn't do x, y, or z if elected. And that it was the duty of all liberals and leftists to vote for Gore, rather than wasting our votes on Ralph Nader.

I remembered that first Presidential election. I remembered Clinton and Gore explaining that the Democratic Party needed to move to the center, and should ignore Democrats like me. And I voted for Nader.

This year, I expect to have a Democratic nominee I can vote for. But I'd still like to have Nader as a fallback choice. (Most third parties have LESS integrity than the major parties, and tend to pick candidates to fit.)

Party. Principles. Pick one of two.

****Writing: In Medieval times, it was Roman Catholic doctrine that alleged witches weren't Satanic and had no real powers. When that benighted period ended and the more-rational Renaissance began, the Roman Catholic Church began hunting witches. So did Protestant denominations.

The last couple of days, I've been writing down background about a similar transition several hundred years in the future. It's not a Future History; it's a bunch of assumptions which I find believable and congenial. There's no detailed chronology, no street maps.

On the other hand: There's a very good freeware calendar program called Calendar Magic. Today, a new version of it came out; and of course I had to test it.

So I now have: a calendar for 2650 AD/CE. A list of western Christian holidays for that year. Two lists of Orthodox Christian holidays; some Orthodox bodies still hold on to the Julian calendar. A list of Jewish holidays which fall within that year. A list of Islamic holidays. A list of generally observed US holidays -- which, I was interested to see, include Canada Day. (This will be pared down, since I don't expect all these holidays to be still observed centuries in the future.) A list of holidays observed more or less worldwide.

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