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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Tuesday February 24, 2004. An obituary for Sam Konkin (individual-anarchist organizer and
sf fan), who died yesterday, is here:

writing-related: More done on the "Juliet shoots Romeo" story. Now for the next stage.

On LiveJournal, http://www.livejournal.com/users/kate_nepveu/ said "papersky talked about spear-points in writing, as a way of thinking about plot and story structure."

As Jo Walton, Papersky has written three very good books. (Of which I like one: _Tooth and Claw_.) And on rec.arts.sf.composition, she's said useful things about writing. So I went over and had a look.

And "spear-points" turned out to be just what I needed to think about, just when I needed to think about it.

And what, I wonder, is the opposite of a spearpoint? Example: the scene in Ira Levin's _Son of Rosemary_ in which Rosemary wakes up and realizes it had all been a dream.

***On rec.arts.sf.composition, I had asked "Do you know of any conferences _specifically for speculative fiction writers_?"

To which someone responds that there will be one in Fall 2005; specific details aren't ready to announce.

I'd been talking about Clarion-equivalents (intense six-weeks writing workshops) focusing on other aspects of writing than what Clarion is about. For example, workshops in researching for fiction; with resulting fiction judged on how well the writers had done that.

Someone commented that this is the role of writing conferences. Maybe; I think workshops would do the job better. But it will be interesting to see what this writing conference accomplishes.
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 24-Feb-2004
American Journal of Public Health
Smoking in movies returns to 1950s levels
Today's movie actors are lighting up as much as their 1950s counterparts, according to researchers who say cigarettes made a dramatic return to the silver screen in the past decade.
NIH/National Cancer Institute, American Legacy Foundation
[I wonder why. Nostalgia?]

Public Release: 24-Feb-2004
Ecology Letters
Coexistence of identical competitors: an old doctrine challenged
An illustrious ecological principle states that no two identical species may coexist: eventually all but one will drift to extinction. In Ecology Letters, March, Zhang et al report on recently modelled data on fig-pollinating wasps that contradicts the old theory. Built upon the evolutionary local mate competition theory, they show how this mechanism leads to demographic advantage to uncommon species helping identical competitors coexist.
[Note: The full press release doesn't say anything more than this summary.]

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