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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Found out about this from Crooked Timber; it also showed up on UK Google News:
Blunkett aide in row over race
Kevin Maguire
Saturday March 20, 2004
The Guardian

David Blunkett faced embarrassing questions last night after it emerged that the home secretary's special adviser on race believed the law should not stop white employers discriminating against black job applicants.

Matt Cavanagh argued that it should be left to firms to decide who they wanted to hire, acknowledging it might make good business sense for a company to employ only white staff if it believed its customers were racists.
From the India edition of Google News:
Muslim Veil Could Cut Cancer Risk, Doctor Says
Yahoo News - Mar 19, 2004
RIYADH (Reuters) - Veiled women are protecting more than their modesty -- they are also less prone to nose and throat cancers because their veils screen out viruses, a Canadian doctor was quoted Friday as saying.
News in brief Telegraph.co.uk
Hijab May Prevent Nose Cancer Arab News
Gulf Daily News - Daily Times - Houston Chronicle - Reuters - and 14 related

Note: The Canadian doctor works in Saudi Arabia.
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