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Friday, March 12, 2004

Friday March 12, 2004. City Pages says the bus strike is part of a conservative plot to get rid of buses and the Metropolitan Council, run from the Governor's office. (City Pages is the Twin Cities Extruded Alternative Journalism Product weekly.)

I doubt it. H. L. Mencken said that if FDR thought there was a sizeable cannibal vote, he would begin fattening up a missionary. Tim Pawlenty wouldn't do that -- until after he thought he'd found a way to avoid losing vegetarian votes by it.

It is true that in Minnesota, "Cars good, public transit bad!" is a kneejerk conservative position.

At any rate, I'm walking to places where I would ordinarily bus. At least it's good for my health.

Today I walked to Steeple People Thrift store. Along the way, I saw a warning poster: in a certain art gallery, a designer would be dressing models for a private showing. People who find partial female nudity distressing were advised to avoid that area from 6-8 pm, both Friday and Saturday.

Today, everything which had been put on Steeple People's electrical and kitchen shelves before the beginning of the year was being put in the free boxes. I decided not to take the combination scanner and fax device; I did get some useful things. Plus free magazines with interesting articles -- which I will dispose of after reading. And I did spend 50 cents.

Across the street to the Wedge co-op grocery. And then home.

Lawn sign: Talking House. Turn your car radio to 1680 AM.

***Writing: Now that I know the shape of the story, writing it is less fun.
Senator Lott Says He Will Back Drug Imports
Supporters of legislation to allow imports of low-cost prescription drugs gained a significant convert on Thursday.

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