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Friday, March 26, 2004

Friday March 26, 2004 I hadn't seen this kind of military recruiting ad before: a homemade notice at a coin laundry, with the tear-off strips giving the recruiter's name and phone number. This suggests US Army recruits are becoming scarce in the Twin Cities.

***[politics] Till very recently, I thought George Bush would probably be re-elected; and in 2008 a Democrat would take the White House. I now think it's likely John Kerrey will win this year; and either he or another Democrat will win the Presidential race in 2008.

Among American social cycles: Every so often, drug users figure out that heroin has bad effects. They turn to a safer drug -- one which experts are saying is safer, and some experts are saying is non-addicting: cocaine. And then, farther down the road, people realize that cocaine has bad effects -- and they turn to nice, safe heroin.

There's also a liberalism/conservativism cycle.[/politics]

***The letter is familiar, the country isn't:
Mr. Jun Cheng,
North Korea.

Dear Friend,
I am Jun Cheng a manager of bills/exchange at the foreign remittance department of Hanivitbank. In my department, we discovered an abandoned sum of $44,700,000.00 (Forty Four Million, Seven Hundred Thousand United State Dollars only) in an account that belonged to one Late Mr Andrew Phillips an American,who died along with his entire family, on November 1996, in a ghastly plane crash....
Things I said elsewhere dept: 1) I need an outline NOT to follow. If I write without an outline, the first draft takes the place of that outline. I always deviate from the outline, and I need that outline to deviate from.

2) I'm mostly an organic worldbuilder. I enjoy doing structured worldbuilding; but it doesn't work well for me.

So, in my current story part of the background is that the experts on faster-than-light travel aren't physicists or engineers but paleontologists. Which is something I had no idea of when I began the story. And which changes a number of things.
[Discussion of organic writing on Forward Motion http://fmwriters.com]
Proposed Constitutional Amendment:
No law passed by Congress or any state, nor this Constitution nor that of any state, nor any local law, nor any commonlaw practice, nor any international treaty, nor any conditions of surrender to hostile powers from another world, nor any direct edicts of the Supreme Almighty Being, shall be interpreted to abridge, amend, or remove the right of any citizen, person, or object in these United States or throughout the world from ownership of glowing fish.
Illinois: Springfield -- The state House approved legislation to help people who use guns in self-defense despite local bans on weapons. The measure says people charged with local gun violations can argue in court that their actions were justified by self-defense. It would apply only to local gun charges.
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 26-Mar-2004
American Journal of Medicine
Drug companies are top health care lobbyists
Pharmaceutical companies spend more money lobbying Congress than other health care organizations, according to a new study in the April 1, 2004 issue of the American Journal of Medicine. Meanwhile, lobbying by physicians lagged behind, suggesting a decline in their political influence. The investigators found that health care lobbying expenditures totaled $237 million in the year 2000. This was more than the lobbying expenditures of every other industry, including agriculture, communications, and defense.
Soya-powered planes promise greener air travel
A fuel that blends soya oil and traditional jet fuel could slash consumption of fossil fuel, reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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