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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Friday March 5, 2004 Progress! The zero draft of "Well Met, Well Met, My Old True Love" is finished. And I've started on the first draft.

It isn't the story I thought it was going to be.

***The bus strike is more inconvenient to me than the one in 1995. Then, the #52 buses to the University of Minnesota were operated by a private company. I could use them for some trips; and could travel between Minneapolis and St. Paul on the inter-campus buses.

There are other buses still running; some suburbs have opted out of Metro Transit, and run their own bus systems. But none of them are convenient to me.

Discussion on rec.music.folk of __ Nights Drunk (aka....) included this:

As I came home one Monday night, a little before my time,
Leaning on the lamp post, somebody else's bike I find.
"Whose bike is this, whose bike is that, whoever's can it be?"
"It's only a brand new sewing machine my mother sent to me."

Well it's miles, like, I've travelled,
From Oldham down to Shaw,
But a ten speed racing sewing machine I never saw before.

Oldham and Shaw are a mile or so apart, by the way.
Moe Lane at Obsidian Wings http://obsidianwings.blogs.com/ (the blog which supports your cat's right to bear arms) pointed me at this. The NYTimes website has dropped Ted Rall's cartoons. On his blog is a Dignified Victim Statement which ends thus:

A reminder: I don't stand to earn a penny if the Times runs my cartoons again. They weren't paying me for them anyway. And I have never complained about being dropped before. This is solely about freedom of expression, and the Times' unique intersection of cowardice and laziness. The Times cartoon section has been censored, Soviet-style: even my archives, the last five years of cartoons that they specifically approved of, have been excised by the Stalinists at Times Digital.

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