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Monday, March 29, 2004

From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 29-Mar-2004
Biology of Reproduction
Soy consumption could help prevent prostate cancer and male pattern baldness
A team of scientists has discovered that a little-known molecule created in the intestine when soy is digested is a natural and powerful blocker of a potent male hormone involved in prostate cancer and male pattern baldness. In fact, the molecule, equol, completely stops in its tracks the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which normally stimulates prostate growth and causes male pattern baldness.

Public Release: 29-Mar-2004
2004 Joint Mathematics Meetings
Streamlining the 'pythagorean theorem of baseball'
Math researchers are considering simplified alternatives to the Pythagorean Theorem of Baseball, devised by baseball statistician Bill James in the 1980s.

Public Release: 29-Mar-2004
2004 Joint Mathematics Meetings
Why AL batters get beaned more often
A new scientific paper supports a theory of why more American League batters get hit than their National League counterparts.

Public Release: 29-Mar-2004
Physical Review Letters
Bizarre attractive force found in mayonnaise
Scientists at Rice University have discovered that a little-understood tensile force, which was previously thought to be an oddity found only in the types of plastics used to make bulletproof vests, occurs in everyday emulsions like mayonnaise and salad dressing. "Negative first normal stress difference" is an attractive force created in fluids under certain conditions. The research was published last month in the academic journal Physical Review Letters.
From the UK edition of Google News:
Slave descendants to sue Lloyds
BBC News - 3 hours ago
Descendants of black American slaves are to sue Lloyds of London for insuring ships used in the trade.
Lloyd's of London to be sued by d . . . Boston Herald
Slave descendants claim damages against Lloyds Reuters
This is London - Guardian - Wired News - Ekklesia - and 9 related

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