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Monday, March 22, 2004

Monday 22 March 2004. Took a bunch of books to DreamHaven, and traded them in for credit.

Uncle Hugo's, the other sf bookstore in Minneapolis, is probably more generous with credit. But DreamHaven is within easy (in decent weather) walking distance. With the bus strike likely to continue for a while, this is an important consideration.

***Writing: A conversation and a half farther ahead on "Well Met...."
From tomorrow's Christian Science Monitor:
Embrace the inner Genghis
A new biography argues that the Mongol ruler was a great entrepreneur
and social reformer. By Gregory M. Lamb

Surprisingly, women choose funeral studies
Women now make up more than half of students at mortuary colleges. By
Lisa Leigh Connors
From Google News:
Restricting calories increases life span, researchers say
KESQ - 1 hour ago
(Washington-AP) -- It may never be too late to extend life through sensible eating. A study out of UC Riverside shows a strict, low-calorie diet increased the life span of aged mice by more than 40 percent.
Researchers say restricting calories increases life span KFVS
Middle-aged diet may extend life BBC News
Yahoo News - Betterhumans - Atlanta Journal Constitution - San Diego Union Tribune - and 65 related

From the BBC story: "Proponents of the theory of Caloric restriction (CR) claim that a diet which keeps the number of calories to a bare minimum while ensuring the required amount of nutrition is taken on board lengthens life."

From what I've read, "bare minimum" means low enough that people who try it are likely to feel hungry all the time.

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