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Monday, March 15, 2004

Monday March 15, 2004 Refdesk.com's site of the day was Money Magazine's best places to live: http://money.cnn.com/best/bplive/. According to that site, my best place is Newark, New Jersey. From my memories of Newark, this is not accurate.

***The bus strike continues. I got a ride to an appointment in St. Paul from another Community Barter Network participant.

Now, I could have: walked from 36th St. South between Bryant and Colfax to the University of Minnesota's Minneapolis campus. Caught one of the intercampus buses, gotten off at the stop nearest to where I needed to go, walked. Reversed the process to get home. But this was much more convenient.

David Strom, head of the Taxpayers League, says this in today's Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

'First of all, just as with welfare reform, we should be looking for ways to help the "transit-dependent" become less so. Just as the welfare system kept millions of Americans dependent upon the government for their livelihood, today's bus system does little to help transit users become less dependent upon subsidized, government-run transportation.'

An intelligent libertarian might point out that cars run on government roads, and their manufacturers have been known to take government subsidies. I do not expect anyone connected with the Minnesota Libertarian Party to mention this.

Nor do I expect any member of that party to suggest allowing competition among private bus companies (no government-mandated monopoly on any route); or legalizing jitneys; or a free market in taxi service (no minimum legal fares, no limit on the number of licenses).

'We need to find a way to help low-income workers become less dependent upon government-run transportation, opening up to them the thousands of jobs available around the Twin Cities. Who among the working poor wouldn't rather have a car than depend upon the government to provide their transportation?'

Me, when I was working.

***Writing: Where did the chain of one-night-stand cooperatives come from? I thought I was just slogging through a slight revision of the first draft, and had no intention of adding any new background ideas. And then this turned up.

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