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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Saturday March 13, 2004 The Clutterers Anonymous meeting was small enough to make unanimous decisions. Couple of people sick, one couldn't make it for some other reason.

In April, the second Saturday is Easter weekend. One person is likely to be with family; three (including me) at Minicon. Tentative decision: an informal meeting at the Minicon hotel.

And the May meeting will be at Pillsbury House -- where it might pick up some other people.

***Mnstf meeting at Richard Tatge and Sharon Kahn's. It was the annual voting meeting for board of directors. (The board appoints all other officers. I would prefer that some of those officers were elected, but that's not likely to change.)

As usual, there was a choice for number of board members: 3, 5, 7, or 9. As usual, I voted for all of these but 5 (I forget in what order of preference). As usual, 5 won.

Mnstf meeting at Richard Tatge and Sharon Kahn's.

Three current board members were reelected. Two were defeated by newcomers. This does not usually happen. {Correction from lsanderson on LiveJournal: "Three current board members were defeated. Kevin [Austin], Laura Jean [Fish] and Larry [Sanderson]."}

***Browsed: _Reinventing Comics_, by comics wonk Scott McCloud. Got rather annoyed when I realized he was writing as if the only comics being printed these days are in comic books or books. Comic strips are still being published; and some of them include stuff which McCloud says is almost never in print-published comics.
Valdis Krebs (http://www.orgnet.com) has discovered that 1) people who buy left-of-center political books don't buy right-of-center political books; 2) people who buy right-of-center political books don't buy left-of-center political books. Oddly enough, I'm not surprised at this. But his charts and research methods are worth a look.

I suspect that people who read political blogs are more likely to read blogs on both sides. Not because they're more fair-minded, but because political blogs tend to include "Here's what They are saying" links.

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