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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Saturday March 20, 2004. Email from a stranger: "The guy I'm deeply in love with is with another girl. I love him so much I would die for him. I can't stand watching him with her. I want to get him back so bad I would even get down on my knees and beg him. He doesn't talk to me anymore since he's been with her. Can you please help me get him back. Please!!!!!!!"

My guess: The sucker is supposed to suggest himself as a replacement for the lost boyfriend, and somewhere along the way will be asked to send money.
I'd asked for a ride to Mnstf on the Natter list. Joel Rosenberg had offered me a ride if I came down to Once Upon a Crime; he had errands to run in that area. (He wasn't going to the meeting himself.)

What was happening at Once Upon a Crime: "MYSTERY WRITE OF SPRING: Once Upon a Crime hosts its second annual gathering of Minnesota mystery writers, with 25 authors appearing in groups of six or seven."

Joel was in the last group.

Among the other writers was Margaret Frazer, whose mystery series is set in Medieval (1400's) England. I asked her if there was anything about that era which she had to softpedal because readers wouldn't believe it. (The odds of a historical-fiction writer saying "No, of course not" to that are about equal to the odds of the Democratic Party nominating Richard Nixon for President later this year.)

I learned some interesting things about that period of English history. I already knew it was during the enlightened Renaissance rather than the benighted Middle Ages that witch-hunting was common. According to my memory of what Ms. Frazer said, it was also a time when London's streets were far cleaner than they would be in the Renaissance; and when judicial torture was used only in rare circumstances.

Note 1: In recent books, she has author's notes in which she discusses her research, including results that might surprise some readers. Note 2: Margaret Frazer was originally a collaboration, but succumbed to Single Personality Disorder. (The former other half writes as Mary Monica Pulver and Monica Ferris.)

There was a bit of unplanned excitement; loud noises nearby which I thought were _probably_ a car backfiring. I wasn't the only one who thought it just might be gunfire; a couple of people rather more familiar than I am with gunfire weren't sure either. It was indeed a car backfiring.

Joel dropped me off at Dean Gahlon and Laura Krentz's for the Mnstf meeting.

I enjoyed the meeting. (Except for learning that someone I'd thought was level-headed had done something stupid and annoying. Happens too often in sf fandom, and I long ago stopped being shocked by it.)

A couple of new faces at the meeting: Rachel Kronick (recently returned to the US from Taiwan) and Irene Raun's grandson A.J.

Scott Raun gave me a ride home.

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