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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Sunday March 7, 2004 While the bus strike lasts, I can walk to some places I usually bus to. But not to everywhere

There used to be about 20 people in the Community Barter network offering transportation. The latest directory lists only three. One is in the Mountain States while a family member has an operation; her calls are forwarded there. One works during the day, which rules out daytime appointments. The third wasn't home when I called.

Some predictions say the strike could last for two months.

Depends partly on how inconvenienced the general public is. The signs there aren't good. People who usually drive have it easier without buses clogging traffic. Car owners who usually take the bus to work find enough parking in Downtown Minneapolis, though perhaps not everywhere in the Twin Cities. (To me, this suggests there are too many parking garages downtown.) And bus commuters who live in suburbs which have opted out of Metro Transit still have their express buses to downtown.

And partly on how inconvenienced businesses are. I don't know how that's been working out, or is likely to work out. (Yes, it's been discussed in the newspapers; but what I've seen is mostly anecdotal evidence.)

I think I'll suggest to my council member that Minneapolis opt out of Metro Transit and run its own bus system.

***I got a bit more written on "Well Met....". Of two new things, one will need a bit of change and the other will either be taken out or be drastically changed.
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 7-Mar-2004
Baker's yeast rises from genome duplication
In work that may lead to better understanding of genetic diseases, researchers at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard show that baker's yeast was created hundreds of millions of years ago when its ancestor temporarily became a kind of super-organism with twice the usual number of chromosomes and an increased potential to evolve.

SF reference: James Blish, _Titan's Daughter_.
From Google News:
Seattle mayor to recognize gay marriages
MLive.com - 30 minutes ago
SEATTLE (AP) Seattle's mayor said Sunday the city will begin recognizing the marriages of gay employees who tie the knot elsewhere, although it will not conduct its own same-sex weddings.
Seattle to recognize marriages of gay city workers Seattle Post Intelligencer
BREAKING NEWS: Seattle to recognize marriages of gay city workers kgw.com (subscription)
Seattle Times - KING5.com (subscription) - and 36 related

From the Seattle Post Intelligencer story:
Nickels supports gay marriage, but because counties - not cities - issue marriage licenses in Washington state, he has said he lacks the legal authority to issue same-sex marriage licenses like mayors in San Francisco and New Paltz, N.Y., have done.

For New Paltz, he's got it a bit wrong. The mayor is performing marriages without licenses, which the county won't issue to same-sex couples. (New Paltz is different from the county average. If you dislike liberalism and bohemianism, it is not the part of Ulster County to move to.)

The ads associated with the story on the Seattle Post Intelligencer website suggest that the computer which picks them is susceptible to stereotypes:

Ads by Google What's This?
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I prefer my food to be dead when I eat it. On the other hand, Info Crackers sound interesting.

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