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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Thursday March 11, 2004 Someone on soc.genealogy.jewish may be related to me. I suspect the connection is already known.

Today's temperatures dropped about 20 degrees from yesterday's.
From Google News:
Susan Lindauer's Work Record
The Weekly Standard (subscription) - 45 minutes ago
ONE SUSAN LINDAUER was arrested today on charges that she acted as a spy for the Iraqi Intelligence service, and accepted $10,000 for the information she gathered. See the full story here.
Former aide to DeFazio and Wyden arrested on spy charges Salem Statesman Journal
Md. Woman Accused of Acting as Iraqi Agent Washington Post
CNN - CBS News - Wired News - Katu.com - and 55 related

My first reaction: Ten thousand dollars? Not worth the risk!
Should 14-year-olds vote? OK, how about a quarter of a vote?
California legislators propose letting teens vote. By Daniel B. Wood
From soc.history.what-if (devoted to alternate history), an off-topic posting about a site which "proves" that all history before 1200 AD was faked:

If you're a chess player: yes, it's _that_ Garry Kasparov.

This is more ambitious than the work of Heribert Illig, who merely "proved" that 297 years of European history were forged.

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