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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Thursday March 25, 2004. Walked to Steeple People thrift store and the Wedge Coop: a bit over 16 blocks.

Steeple People had the first two volumes of _The Fleet_ -- a shared-world military sf anthology edited by David Drake and Bill Fawcett. Human space has been attacked by nasty barbarians; it turns out that these barbarians are probably cat's-paws for Nasty Civilized Aliens, though the mystery isn't solved this early in the series. (I don't know if it's solved later; or if it seems solved, and then it turns out that those guys are also dupes; or if someone wakes up and realizes it had all been a dream.)

I dislike that cliche, and I hope someone writes a good parody of it.

Swam back home -- not exactly, but it was raining hard for a while. The bus strike is definitely a nuisance.

***Writing: "Well Met" now has an ending which I find satisfactory. Whether the story as a whole works, I won't know till I finish it.
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 25-Mar-2004
Molecular Biology and Evolution
NIST-led research de-mystifies origins of 'junk' DNA
A statistical analysis of "junk" DNA from a wide variety of biological kingdoms shows that it was added late in the evolution of life -- after modern-sized genes formed. This resolves a debate about whether "introns" -- sections of DNA with unknown function plopped into genes -- were present in ancient life forms or appeared for the first time after bacteria and higher organisms split into separate evolutionary paths billions of years ago.

Public Release: 25-Mar-2004
Environment and Planning B
NASA uses a 'SLEUTH' to predict urban land use
According to NASA-funded researchers, developed land in the greater Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area is projected to increase 80 percent by 2030. Scientists used a computer-based decision support model loaded with NASA and commercial satellite images to simulate three policies affecting land use.
NASA, Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Sahara refugees form a progressive society
Literacy and democracy are thriving in an unlikely place. By John Thorne

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