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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Tuesday March 9, 2004 While I can walk to Uptown, I usually bus. Thanks to the bus strike, I walked.

Hennepin Avenue, from 36th Street to Lake Street. Next to each other are a store specializing in children's shoes (Shoe Zoo) and one specializing in children's glasses (The Glass Menagerie).

HealthPartners Uptown Clinic pharmacy in Calhoun Square for allergy meds. A restaurant in Calhoun Square has flavored-vodka martinis. When did martinis stop needing gin and vermouth?

To Penzeys Spices, for Florida Seasoned Pepper. The seasoning includes solid citric acid (aka sour salt), lemon peel, orange peel, garlic, and onion. These make a good substitute for salt (at least, for me).

To Lunds, where I bought turkey wings, eggs, and kosher-for-Passover matzohs (made without salt). Matzoh imported from Israel was cheaper than US-made, so that's what I bought.

Back home via Lake Street, with a stop at DreamHaven. Then up along Bryant Avenue.

On the way, I realized that the University of Minnesota intercampus buses were probably still running. Which would make it possible to travel between one part of Minneapolis and one part of St. Paul. And getting to the Minneapolis campus was doable, if tedious.

During the last bus strike, the #52 buses to the U still ran; they were operated by a private bus company. Unfortunately, those buses are now operated by Metro Transit.

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