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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Wednesday March 17, 2004. St. Patrick's Day. Customarily, MetroTransit (the main Twin Cities bus system) provides free rides on this day. With the bus strike on, this won't happen.

There are no talks scheduled on ending the strike.

The governor could take steps to end the strike. He hasn't, and he's not likely to. Too much of the support he thinks he needs comes from people who are flat-out anti-bus.

One version of the Pareto Principle: Eighty percent of a business's profits come from twenty percent of the customers. Eighty percent of the problems come from a different twenty percent of the customers.

Businesses tend to put their efforts where the problems are, rather than where the profits are. So do politicians, a bit more selectively -- but not more wisely.

A politician will see a choice between pleasing the ten percent of potential supporters most likely to desert him if he demonstrates ideological impurity or an insufficient level of prejudice against certain groups, or pleasing the ten percent who are most likely to desert him if he obliges the purists.

Governor Tim Pawlenty tries to do both. On this particular issue, he's pandering to the purists.

I walked to Pillsbury House, which is usually a bus ride for me.

I expected to do data entry for the Community Barter Network. However, the information is being transferred from the old program to Excel (spreadsheet program). So I did things which should make the transition easier, and did some filing.
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 17-Mar-2004
The dating game goes wireless
You're sitting in a bar when your cellphone alerts you that there's an unmissable love match in your vicinity. Is this the future of romance? The idea of wireless dating is a simple one. Would-be daters subscribe to a service which stores their personal profile. When there are enough similarities between two people, and they happen to be within metres of each other, the service tells their two cellphones to exchange crucial details and photos.
[New Scientist]
Paedophilia expert jailed
A man who advised the police how to protect children from paedophiles is jailed for seven years for abusing young girls.

Africa adopts new self-help plan
Thursday, the Pan-African Parliament will be inaugurated in Ethiopia.
By Abraham McLaughlin

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