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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Fox bids to reform Mexican justice
A proposal sent to Congress would make trials public and presume a defendant's innocence. By Monica Campbell
From the UK edition of Google News:
Worms good for bowels, research shows
The Scotsman - 15 minutes ago
A SPOONFUL of worms may not go down as delightfully as sugar, but it is highly effective against inflammatory bowel disease, research has found.
Worm diet 'treats bowel disorder' BBC News
Diet of worms can cure bowel disease New Scientist
Reuters AlertNet - and 8 related

Sweet solution to a stressful pregnancy
The Scotsman - 15 minutes ago
A new study has revealed that women who crave chocolate while they are pregnant give birth to happier and more active babies.
Chocolate 'makes for happy babies' BBC News
Mums-to-be rejoice: chocolate cravings good for baby ABC Online
Reuters AlertNet - New Zealand Herald - Sydney Morning Herald - and 10 related
From Futurismic http://futurismic.com/index.html
Pack More News Onto Your Screen [+] posted by Jeremy Lyon
Newsmap is your daily dose of news in a visually dense and highly attractive format. I think this might replace Google News as my default news site of choice.

Couple things not mentioned: You'll need a flash player to see Newsmap. And the information is taken right from Google News. It's an interesting way of presenting information; some people reading this would find it useful, but I don't know which of you that is. "Visually dense" is accurate; "highly attractive format" is a matter of taste.

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