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Friday, April 02, 2004

Friday April 2, 2004. On March 31st, Steeple People thrift store had priced a computer system at $50; when I saw it today, it had a "sold" tag. (Windows 98; 4 GB storage.) I was told that the buyer hadn't actually put down any money yet, and in half an hour it might be for sale again. I was mildly tempted to stick around, and buy it -- even though I didn't need it.

If I'd been looking in thrift shops for a used computer, I wouldn't have bothered with Steeple People. Computers are on their "we don't accept donations of ___" list.

I spent a whole quarter, and took one freebie -- a necklace made of mirror beads, to use as a meditation focus.

Across Lyndale to the Wedge. Bought free range chicken livers, and a couple of cheese samples.

To DreamHaven, where I used some of my trade-in credit for Holly Lisle's _Gods Old and Dark_. She's been doing something new and interesting in this series, and I wanted to see what happens in this story.

Reasons for not buying other new books included:

1) Author does not usually write stories -- the new one by Harry Turtledove.
2) Book is a tie-in, and it's not a tv show, movie series, or game universe which interests me.
3) Generalized Anxiety Disorder plus a couple of phobias mean I don't need horror fiction.
4) Author does not do anything new and/or interesting.

Not included: Disagreement with author on sociopolitical issues, or distaste for author's positions. (Heck -- I think Poul Anderson was wrong as a left liberal, as a conservative, and as a libertarian; and at all three stages, he held positions I find distasteful. But he's one of my favorite authors.)

***Cooked and ate the chicken livers, took a nap, and woke up recovered from the stuff I'd
been dealing with for the last few days.

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