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Monday, April 12, 2004

Friday April 9, 2004 (continued) Conversation with Marty Helgesen about the last book of the New Testament -- specifically, the Four Horsemen. While Marty knows much more about such things than I do, one thing has stuck in my memory but not in his: the colors of the horses they ride. (White, red, black, pale.)

Marty said that the rider on the black horse was obviously the Lone Ranger. (Note: this may not be mentioned in reference works.) I then asked why that horseman was prepared to do battle against werewolves.

Saturday April 10, 2004. I'd gone to sleep around 4 am, and I woke up around 9:30 am.

On the way to the Minicon hotel, I saw: A woman wearing bunny ears, part of a family group in Porter's. Garibaldi -- a Mexican restaurant.

Once at the hotel, I headed for the consuite to make myself a cup of tea. I almost used a condom instead of a teabag. I had definitely not gotten enough sleep.

***"Living in Space Walter Jon Williams, Jordin Kare, Bill Higgins, Lois Bujold [M]any of Williams' stories take place in truly space-based societies featuring people who are born, live their lives and die without ever setting foot on a planet. This panel will discuss the ramifications of living in space and how such a future might affect the basic precepts of society and self."

I think this could profitably have been divided into at least two panels: One on the physiological effects, the other on social effects.

Among other interesting information: a study showed that a submarine crew should include at least one sociopath.

"Taking Your Writing to the Next Level Naomi [Kritzer] (m), KellyMc[Collough], Peg Kerr, David Levine, Lyda Morehouse Writers discuss the process of writing, especially those moments where insights gained through working or teaching lead to continuing improvement in your craft."

Some things the panelists seemed to agree on: 1) Work whatever way does best for you, which may not be what works for anyone else. 2) Write your kind of story, rather than trying to write to the market. 3) Work at writing.

A few things said clicked for me.

Walter Jon Williams on kenpo karate, and how it has affected his writing; interviewed by Dave Romm. Among other tidbits: Elvis Presley studied this martial art. [A quick google brings up this, among other info:
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Williams also gave demonstrations, including having members of the audience try certain techniques.

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