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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Friday April 9, 2004. "Hardcode Teens" -- spam subject line. "Hardcode" looks as if it should mean something.

Nice walk to the Minicon hotel. I hadn't been on the part of Nicollet Avenue designated as "Eat Street" for a while. It should really be called "Eat Vietnamese, Chinese, Middle Eastern, or Latin American Street."

Blue Eyes Cafe: An interesting name for a Vietnamese place.

I'm fairly sure Caravelle's sign used to say it served Vietnamese and French food. It now says Vietnamese and Chinese food.

Registered. Signed up to cover the Green Room from 9 to 10. (I hadn't volunteered earlier because my allergies are usually worst at this time of year; and I wasn't sure I'd be well enough.)

Attended a reading by Sara Monette, aka Truepenny. She read from a fantasy novel which is due to be published by Tor in summer 2005. The setting and the magic are different enough from anything I've read to interest me, and in general it sounded worth reading.

The background includes a calendar used briefly in our world -- one of the less successful experiments which followed the French Revolution. Weeks were replaced by ten-day periods, among other oddities.

Attended a panel on DARPA's aborted scheme of setting up a market in terrorism futures. Discussion was largely on whether something like this could work. (We may find out; there are at least two plans to set up nongovernmental terrorism futures markets.)

The things which interest me most about the history of this projects were outside the panel's area of discussion.

1) Robin Hansen, who came up with the plan, apparently had no idea that it might get the adverse reactions it did.

2) DARPA's website contained a press release which said that reports had been sent to Congress and to the White House. (That press release is no longer there.) The Democratic politicians who announced their discovery of this Secret Plot neglected to mention that it had been reported to Congress. The White House was shocked and surprised; which seems odd, considering that a report had been sent to the White House.

3) The news media didn't do such esoteric research as looking at the DARPA website.

Covered the Green Room, not expecting much to happen.

There was a short invasion by chronologically challenged participants in the scavenger hunt. While I was trying to decide what to say, they finished looking for whatever they thought might be in the Green Room; one of them apologized to me as they left.

One person who I wasn't sure should be there; I didn't recognize her name as a program participant. She was married to the Guest of Honor. (I'd seen mention of her in the program book -- by first name only.)

One person who didn't realize I was supposed to be there. If I do this again another year, I may make myself a badge which says something like "Supreme Ruler of the Green Room."

There was a fair amount of Chinese takeout food (and a bit of Thai) left at the end of my shift. Vicki Rosenzweig was going to close down the Green Room, and there wasn't much room in the refrigerator. The Chinese food got taken up to the Consuite.
From Google News:
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At current growth rates, Maricopa County's population in two years will equal the 1990 count for the entire state, census estimates indicated Thursday.
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