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Thursday, April 08, 2004

I really really really hate this sort of rhetoric. What bothers me most about the suggestion here that the Bush administration is equivalent to the Taliban is not that the comparison is unfair to Bush et. al., it is that it is unfair to the Taliban.
Amy Lamboley at Crescat Sententia http://www.crescatsententia.org/#003459
From the UK edition of Google News:
Mayoral rivals round on Ken's 'rant'
Guardian - 20 minutes ago
Two of the contenders to unseat Ken Livingstone as mayor of London today rounded on the incumbent for suggesting that the Saudi Royal family should be hung up from lampposts.
Mayor Ken's Blast at Saudi Royals Stirs Anger Scotland on Sunday
Livingstone goes off message ahead of elections ePolitix
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Man you want to steal your car
This is London - 5 hours ago
But he makes an even cleaner return ... leaving the vehicles for their owners to find after carefully valeting and polishing them.
Jail for Mr Sadd, the man who stole cars just to clean them The Times, UK (subscription)
Mania for cars lands cleaner in court Guardian
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From Jacob Levy at the Volokh Conspiracy http://www.volokh.com:
The acknowledgements of Feinberg's books carry on a decades-long spat with one Josiah S. Carberry. This example from Freedom and Fulfillment is a particularly entertaining one:

For a variety of reasons it has become my custom to mention my former colleague, the late Josiah S. Carberry (1874-1988), in the acknowledgements for my books. As I reported at the time, Carberry died shortly before the publication of my Harmless Wrongdoing a few years ago. There would be no point in mentioning this matter again were it not for the fact that I have recently received a letter from Carberry in which he argues with his usual fanatic stubbornness that he is not dead! His argument, in my opinion, is weak and contrary to all the known evidence. It combines a misapplication of the Cartesian cogito with the kind of self-deception that characterized Carberry's long life. Some people simply cannot bear to accept the truth about themselves.

Earlier, in Harm to Others, he had written

Philosophical helpers have been too abundant to acknowledge individually in this limited space. I hope I have remembered them all in the notes. In any event, they know who they are, and I want them all to know that I am immensely grateful for their help. My former colleague Josiah S. Carberry will claim to be among their numbers. He may even go so far as to sue me for plagiarism. Let him sue; he won't have a chance.

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