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Monday, April 05, 2004

Monday April 5, 2004 I printed out the Minicon registration receipt which had been emailed to me. One more setback for the paperless society!

Downloaded the programming schedule, picked out what I thought I definitely wanted to attend. Added that, plus times and locations, to my schedule.

***Writing: About 45 percent of "Well Met, Well Met, My Old True Love" converted to tight third viewpoint from first person. That's almost all of the genuine first draft; the rest is zero draft -- possibly .7 draft in places.

Looked over files in my futurology folder, and put some of them into AZZ Card files. AZZ Card is the simplest, most flexible freeware database I've found. Simple enough that I could actually do most of the same things with text files. But for some reason, this program works better for me -- while more structured databases don't work as well as text files do.

Webbed over to Canada's City Farmer (Office of Urban Agriculture) http://www.cityfarmer.org/
Downloaded information on urban and peri-urban agriculture in various parts of Earth. Left a lot more, including a paper on drought-resistant plants for Vancouver. (It was my impression that Vancouver needs such plants about as much as Florida needs winter-hardy plants.)

Note: "Boulevard" seems to mean the same thing in Vancouver that it does in the Twin Cities: the strip of grass, trees, or whatever between sidewalk and street. I suspect it's a shortening of "boulevard strip".

"Peri-urban" is jargon, by the way. It doesn't turn up in online dictionaries, and I've never seen it in any other context.

***Rereading: Orson Scott Card, _How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy_. Some very useful stuff; but also a couple of errors which bother me more than they used to.

He quotes Damon Knight as saying "Science fiction is what I mean when I point to it...." As I understand it, what Knight actually said was "Science fiction is what we mean when we point to it...."

He says that fantasy as a genre began with US publication of _Lord of the Rings_. It existed as a (mostly short-story) genre before science fiction did. It had become rather anemic by the 1960s, but it still lived.

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