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Monday, April 12, 2004

Saturday April 10, 2004 (continued): On my way home from Minicon, I was approached by someone who asked if I knew where he could sell some oil. I truthfully told him that I didn't.

Sunday April 11, 2004. Thoughts: Tam Lin would have had children in Elfland, as well as in our world.

An idea I've seen used once (in an otherwise unmemorable story): There are times when Elfland is close to our world, and times (like now) when it's distant. When the worlds are far apart, we don't believe in elves or in their world. (Presumably, they also don't believe in us during such times.)

If the worlds were to become close again, genealogists would be among those crossing from one world to the other. For example, some of Tam Lin's elven descendants would want to get their Midgard relatives properly entered on their family-tree charts.

***I got almost enough sleep. I got back to Minicon after almost all programming was over. Hung out in the consuite for a while. Hung out in Krushenko's for a while.

This Minicon worked well for me in a way which happens only every few years. Next year, my finances will probably be tighter and I'd be unlikely to get as much from the con.

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