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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Saturday April 24, 2004. I picked up Fare For All food at the Southwest Senior Center, and ordered for next month.

***My text editor stopped working. Metapad had worked well till some time the day before.

I tried deleting it, downloading another copy, and installing the new copy. That didn't work.

I downloaded Editpad Lite, which I once used. It works better than I remembered it working. And with a bit of tweaking, I find it easier to use than Metapad.

But I wish I knew what went wrong with Metapad.

From the UK edition of Google News:
It's not on, say darlings of the stage
Stuff.co.nz - 3 hours ago
WELLINGTON'S theatre community will continue to call each other "darling", and on rare occasions "luvvie", even though their British counterparts have been warned use of the words may get them accused of sexual harassment.
'Darling' endearment banned Washington Times
'Darling' is out at the English National Opera; harassment charges feared National Post (subscription)
ABC Online - Reuters - BBC News - The Scotsman - and 22 related

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