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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Saturday April 3, 2004. "Nothing odd will do long. _Tristam Shandy_ did not last." Samuel Johnson, author of the novel _Rasselas_.

***If I'd been feeling less burned out these last few days, I would have tried to find a ride to the Mnstf meeting. Or simply walked there today; it was within what I consider walking distance, though not _easy_ walking distance.

Instead, I went grocery shopping. Rainbow Foods had a special on whole chicken, and this was the final day.

[Later: The chicken carried a notice that giblets might be of irregular proportions. There were none at all, which I think goes beyond "irregular proportions".]

On my way back, I stopped at DreamHaven. Spent some of my trade-in credit on Lois Bujold's _Memory_ and Fritz Leiber's _Changewar_ (a collection of his Changewar stories.)

And I've just realized: One thing these two books have in common is characters who take for granted that certain things are unchanging -- and then those things change, in ways they never imagined. And keep changing.

***Writing: Grump -- looks like a choice between changing the viewpoint character into another kind of person, or changing from first person to tight third.

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