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Monday, April 05, 2004

Spellchecker Problems
They'll probably fix it, the spoilsports, but there's a brilliant spellchecker error in this BBC story.
Apparently, the wartime Vichy government was headed by Marshal Petunia.
News B 2004 (19) April 5th, 2003
Too good eyes for living below ground

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt, at the University of Duisburg-Essen, and at the Charles University in Prague have now discovered that in contrast to previous assumptions, the eyes of subterranean African mole-rats have a rather well-structured retina with an unusually high proportion of cone photoreceptors. Cones are the photoreceptors for daylight vision, hence their usefulness in the lightless world of mole-rats is puzzling. As a further peculiarity, most mole-rat cones contain a blue-sensitive visual pigment, whereas in other mammals most cones have a green-sensitive pigment. The density of rods, the photoreceptors for low-light night vision, is much lower in the mole-rats than in nocturnal surface-dwelling rodents. These findings, published in the European Journal of Neuroscience in March 2004, call for a revision of our current views on the visual system of subterranean mammals.

Original work:
Leo Peichl, Pavel Nemec and Hynek Burda
Unusual cone and rod properties in subterranean African mole-rats (Rodentia, Bathyergidae).
European Journal of Neuroscience 19: 1545-1558 (2004)
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 5-Apr-2004
Modern psychology sheds light on age-old religious strife
Drawing on modern psychological concepts like post-traumatic stress disorder, a Queen's University researcher concludes that today's religious strife may have a direct link to the violence of the Easter story and the crucifixion.

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