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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Sunday April 18, 2004. I called my brother, who lives in Brooklyn.

I'd seen a news story which said that Ulster County NY -- where we grew up, and where the mayor of New Paltz got into international news by performing same-sex marriages -- had become a place for NYC-area gays and lesbians to move to. And that part of the attraction was low real estate costs; it's possible to buy a house for only $300,000.

He confirmed the first; said that one attraction was that it's now considered within commuting distance of NYC.

Ulster County is about a hundred miles from NYC; parts of it make San Francisco look flat; it can get a lot of snow in winter. It's not the easiest place to commute to NYC from.

He thought it was possible to buy a house for much less than $300,000.

Note: Depending on your interests, you may have heard of Ulster County because:

Woodstock is there.

It's in Represenative Maurice Hinchey's district.

Gore Vidal once ran for Congress from there.

The Gunks are there.

The area around Ellenville is good for gliding.

Some of your ancestors lived there.

Sholam -- the site of a Jewish utopian colony -- is there.

Sojourner Truth was born there.

There's a folk festival commemorating towns which were on land that is now under the waters of the Ashokan Reservoir.

***Writing: I've figured out what's important in "Well Met....".
April 16, 2004
The state of Idaho has launched a Web site showing available commercial, industrial, and retail lands and buildings for sale in Idaho. Its use is free and it's available at http://jobservice.us/applications/comlab/lands/.

From the front page you'll be able to search for either buildings or land. The buildings and land search both allow you to search by region, county, or city. The buildings search allows to further refine your search by building type, square footage, transaction (sale, lease, or both), and rail availability. The land search allows you to specify zoning type, available acreage, and rail availability.
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php
Public Release: 18-Apr-2004
Experimental Biology 2004
Green and black tea polyphenols consumption results in slower prostate cancer cell growth
In the first known study of the absorption and anti-tumor effects of green and black tea polyphenols in human tissue, researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles were able to detect tea polyphenols in prostate tissue after a very limited consumption of tea.

Traumas can be knitted out!
Times of India - 1 hour ago
LONDON: New research says that knitting can prevent people from suffering traumatic flashbacks after witnessing horrific events.
Knitting is such a relief from life's great terrors The Times, UK (subscription)
Post-traumatic knitting recommended Washington Times
The Mirror - New Kerala - and 6 related

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