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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Sunday April 25,2004. Would dinosaurs be edible? Would they be kosher? Asked on rec.arts.sf.science. (Subject: edible dinosaurs.) The first question is easy enough to answer: most, if not all, would be.

The second question might be harder. Some Orthodox Jews believe that anything not mentioned as being kosher can't possibly be kosher; so anything from the New World (turkey, for example) is trefe. Some are creationists who flat-out refuse to believe that dinosaurs ever existed.

There's a prohibition on reptiles, which would seem to rule out dinosaurs. However, there are scientists who consider them more closely related to birds.

Of course, they could be eaten if there was no alternative.

Googling on the words "kosher" and "dinosaur" brings up a number of links. For some reason, many of these relate to origami. Others are about chocolate dinosaurs, or about evolution vs. creation.

Digression: I've thought off and on about a cookbook for time travellers. It might have four main sections: the pre-human past (beginning with recipes for very early multicellular life), the human past, the human future, and the post-human future.

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