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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Sunday April 4, 2004 For the first time in years, the change to Daylight Saving Time didn't seem to leave me groggy.

***I went to the Marshall Field's (formerly Dayton's) garden show with Pat Craft. This year's theme: Garden of Make-Believe.

(Dayton Corporation bought the Chicago department store Marshall Field's in 1990. In 2001, the Target Corporation -- formerly Dayton Corporation -- decided all its department stores should have the same name. So far as I can tell, the only thing this accomplished was to throw away goodwill associated with the name Dayton's.)

There were a whole lot of flowers and some trees, many worth looking at. The Artistic Vision didn't get in the way of looking at the flowers.

There was a kids' potting shed, and the Children's Theatre Company provided costumes for children to borrow.

***A while after I got home, I took a long nap. The time change had caught up with me, after all.

***Writing: The opening of "Well Met, Well Met, My Old True Love" is now in tight third person -- allowing me to show more of what goes on in the protagonist's mind than I could in first person. (Yes, it's possible for _some_ characters to narrate such things in great detail; John D. McDonald's Travis McGee comes to mind. But this character wouldn't.
And: as much as I enjoy McDonald's mysteries, I sometimes wish McGee would shut up.)

**Somewhat related -- Recommended unreliable-narrator fiction:

Geoffrey Household, _Rogue Male_. Begins a bit after the narrator has tried to explain to
the secret police of an unnamed country that he has nothing against their leader. He's grown tired of hunting the usual big game, and decided to try the challenge of hunting world-class dictators. Later, it turns out that he's not as sane as he sounds.

Mark Twain, _Huckleberry Finn_ -- but the next time I read it, I may stop at the point where Tom Sawyer turns up.

Ring Lardner, "Haircut". The narrator's story is about a really nice guy who died accidentally. Most readers soon catch on that 1) the guy was a bastard and 2) he was deservedly murdered.

UK edition of Google News:
Cellphones go soapie
Independent Online - 12 hours ago
Cannes, France - The launch of TV's first-ever soap for the tiny cellphone screen might not suit everyone's taste, but it is living proof that the TV and digital worlds are merging.
The world's first cellphone soapie Al-Jazeera
Soap on mobiles as TV goes tiny ABC Online
NEWS.com.au - Economic Times - and 7 related

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