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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Tuesday April 27, 2004. [Caution: non-rigorous futurology.] Googling on "new dark ages" brings up, among other warnings, laments on the decline of "Judeo-Christianity."

If you consider Marxism a Christian heresy (as Arnold Toynbee did),this becomes more convincing. The fall of the Soviet Union becomes an episode in Judeo-Christianity's decline.

That aside, I think these prophets are casting Judeo-Christianity in the role of the Roman Empire's pre-Christian state religion. And in the role of the new religion which replaced it? Islam and secular humanism are the leading contenders.

And then? Civilization falls, of course. Learning is preserved in Secular Humanist monasteries.

Civilization rises once more.

And then? There are ominous signs of religious decline. And -- horror of horrors -- it becomes socially acceptable to be a Neo-Christian.

And then the mammals take over -- oh, sorry. That was in a previous cycle.

Dinosaur Civilization link:

I'd been taking things too seriously for a while. I think I'm over that.
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