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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Wednesday April 7, 2004. I walked to Calhoun Square, to pick up allergy meds at the HealthPartners pharmacy. On the way, I saw a "Republicans for Voldemort" sticker on a car's rear window. [URL on the sticker: http://www.goats.com, which turns out to be for a comic strip. The slogan is from an episode commenting on the California gubernatorial race: http://goats.com/archive/030808.htm]

Then to Pillsbury House. Along the way, I noticed a sign for vegetarian shoes. What that brought to my mind was shoes made of human leather -- guaranteed not to be taken from meat-eaters.

At Pillsbury House, more fun with the Community Barter Network's new time-accounting program. There are still things which can't be entered till someone else gives the program more information.

Put mailing labels on a Pillsbury House pamphlet. After a while, I started listing what looked to me like mistakes in transcribing addresses.

Back home. Distance walked today: about five miles. The bus strike continues to be good for my health.

***Speaking of health: I take medication for ADD; a tranquilizer (nortriptylin) which also turned out to reduce anxiety considerably. Till recently, I'd been taking 75 mg a day; three pills, taken at the same time.

I've been able to reduce that to 50 mg. Losing weight probably had something to do with my being able to do that.

And now I'm trying 25 mg a day. This is the first day; it seems to be working out, but I won't be sure till I've tried it for a few days.

What changed? Besides my weight, some of my mental/emotional habits.

***Writing: My memory of what I've written is sometimes better than what was actually set down. I looked at "Well Met...." Removed stuff I hadn't remembered was still in there; added some I'd been thinking about.

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