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Thursday, May 20, 2004

From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php, a bunch from New Scientist:
Public Release: 19-May-2004
Climate change heralds thirsty times
A new climate model suggests that as temperature rises with global warming, the world will be in shorter supply of fresh water. US researchers found that both precipitation and evaporation would significantly increase with climate change. So while greater rainfall will increase the flow of some rivers, evaporation will reduce the moisture content of soils in many parts of the world. The researchers say the net effect would be to take water away from where the people are.

Public Release: 19-May-2004
Are nanobacteria alive?
After four years' work, an American team has come up with the best evidence yet that nanobacteria – a possible new life form – do actually exist. The team isolated these nanobacteria-like structures from diseased human arteries and observed them self-replicating in culture. The particles have previously been implicated in a range of human diseases. Many remain unconvinced by the research though, dismissing it as "scientific nonsense".

Public Release: 19-May-2004
Cosmic dark age found in shadows
The earliest structures in the universe may be visible by the shadows they cast in the afterglow of the big bang. The objects have been hidden before now because they formed in the dark age before the first stars were switched on. Researchers believe that hydrogen gas absorbed radiation left over after the big bang and would have created shadows which astronomers should be able to detect today.
From USA Today, 5/19/04:
Louisiana: Baton Rouge -- Cajun gourmets battling the bulge can now get healthier versions of classic recipes on the state health department's Web site. The ''leaux-fat'' site is part of an effort to lower the state's obesity rates. The Web site address is www.oph.dhh.state.la.us/nutrition/cajuncooking/index.html.
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