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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Global Vineyard: Can technology take on a warming climate?
Recognizing that continued climate change may leave some renowned grape-growing regions too hot or too dry to support vineyards, growers may turn to new technology and techniques to produce consistently better fruit.
From Resource Shelf http://www.resourceshelf.com/
Military Intelligence--United States
Source: U.S. Army (via FAS/Secrecy News)
Full Text, Just Released (Unclassified), U.S. Army Field Manual on Intelligence
Secrecy News (compiled and edited by Steven Aftergood), has obtained a copy of this new document. From his newsletter, "The U.S. Army has issued a new Field Manual on intelligence that sets forth in detail the roles and functions of intelligence in Army and joint military operations. The new Field Manual (FM) 2-0 is 'the Army's keystone document for military intelligence doctrine.' With conceptual rigor, the manual proceeds from "the fundamentals of intelligence operations" to 'intelligence considerations in strategic readiness" and beyond.'" The document is a 3.2MB PDF; 211 pages.

Minnesota cracks down on underpriced gasoline
( PATRICK HOWE, Associated Press, 05/28/2004 03:06 PM CDT)

There's a law which protects local businesses from Unfair Competition, you see. On this issue, my position is the hardline libertarian one. Let businesses which can't compete go under -- small or large, local or national or multinational or multiplanetary. Among other things: no minimum prices, no minimum cab fares, etc.
From the India edition of Google News:
Improve quality or lose buyers, Russian experts warn Indian tea industry
Channel News Asia - 11 hours ago
GUWAHATI, India : Tea experts from Russia, which is a major buyer of Indian tea, told tea growers to improve quality or lose more Russian business.
Business India > Russia not to lift poor quality Indian tea New Kerala
India News: Russia not to lift poor quality Indian tea Keralanext
Indian Express - and 5 related

CMC plans to bid for US census projects
Sify - 21 hours ago
CMC Ltd plans to bid for multi-million dollar IT implementation for the census projects of the US and Canadian governments.
CMC to hire 500 pros Economic Times
CMC eyes US census project, to hire 500 Rediff
Financial Express
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